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BR/MAG Judge Database

About the BR/MAG Judge Database

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The Federal Judicial Center maintains a biographical directory of federal judges that is an excellent resource for scholars and practitioners studying U.S. federal courts. The database, however, is limited to Article III judges. This project is an attempt to fill in the gap by providing data on federal magistrate and bankruptcy judges. The data can be browsed online or downloaded in bulk as either an Excel/CSV or JSON file. Work on collecting biographical information on judges is ongoing and the site will be continually updated to reflect additional judges or changes in status (e.g. retirement). If you have questions or corrections please drop us a line at: legaldatalab@law.virginia.edu.

Please cite to this resource as: Jon Ashley, Sarah New & Rebecca Owen, BR/MAG Judge Database, Legal Data Lab - Univ. of Virginia School of Law, at: https://legaldatalab.law.virginia.edu/brmag-judges/

Last Name First Name Position Jurisdiction
Last Name First Name Position Jurisdiction